June 11, 2013

Travel Blanket for G

You may remember a while back I posted a photo of a little pile of squares that were cut from the material I collected when I travelled to India with my friend G last autumn. Here they are…..


It has taken me a while to post on this, but I finally wanted to share the final quilt with you. It’s the first basic patchwork quilt that I’ve made but I’m definitely going to be making up a twinsy one for myself. The patterns and colours of the fabric were GREAT.. I really love the effect wooden block printing has. You can get such intricate designs, but they still all look a bit raw – I find that this makes each panel unique, something that I love.

If you are interested in sewing up one of these quilts it really is a simple sewing project. First cut all of your squares. It’s important to be as accurate as possible with this as you want all your squares to line up as neatly as possible when you’re done. I wanted mine to be 5×5 inches, so I cut out 70 squares that were 5.5 x 5.5 inches – an allowance of 1/4 inch for the seams on each side. This will give you a finished quilt that’s approximately 3×4.2 foot. I have tested it out and it’s a good size for a sofa blanket. Of course the great thing about doing such a simple patchwork design is that you can keep adding row after row until you are happy with the size.

I laid out the squares until I found a pattern that I liked; this was completely random and just needed a little bit of trial and error. When you’ve got an order you’re happy with you need to start sewing up each row and then press the seams and sew these rows together. I didn’t border this project – normally I think a border gives a quilt a much more finished look, but with this one I wanted it to appear more like a snuggle blanket, so I just backed it, with natural wadding in between.



When it came to the quilting part I thought about a variety of techniques. It was my Nana who suggested turning it in to a ‘tied quilt’ – a simple knot through all layers at each join that leaves a little tassel hanging off. I like this finish, it’s more scrappy than a fully quilted blanket and goes perfectly with the overall look of the blanket. You can see the knot up close here….


This blanket is a gift for G. I have tried persuading her to come over from the Philippines to collect it but I think I am gonna have to parcel it up and send it the 10,000 km to her.

Hope she likes it!



Trialled by our skinny cat Domino.. think he likes it.


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