February 26, 2014

Unravel Festival of Knitting 2014

On Sunday we travelled up to Unravel Knitting Festival at Farnham Maltings. It was good to take an afternoon out of London and we were excited to see what Unravel had to offer. First, let me update you on our knitting progress… You may remember that R and I started the same jumper just before Christmas (we have been sharing our progress on instagram), well R steamed ahead, finished hers this weekend and won’t take it off now. Mine still barely exists and I have been trying hard to not abandon it for months.

Unravel Farnham Knitting Festival 2014

So, R was trotting around Unravel in her baby alpaca jumper (post to come soon) while I shuffled in wearing a terrible NOT handmade jumper. We found a store called Tall Yarns that was selling lots of sock patterns and scooped one up to try out. We’ve already started them and it’s our first time working on 4 double pointed needles. We’re finding it ok but a bit tricky trying to position all of the needles out of the way. If you have any tips for working on the round like this we’d love to hear them!

Unravel Farnham Crochet Cushion

Unravel was full of different designers and wool mills selling their wares and we loved how enthusiastic everyone was, it’s a great feeling to be somewhere full of people who are all passionate about the same things as you! After buying our sock pattern and a few bits of bargain yarn from the lovely people atΒ John ArbonΒ Textiles we headed to the cafe to meet Leanne from Knit Me a Cake. We chatted over tea and cakes and it was so lovely to finally meet someone we talk to on twitter all the time.

Knitted Coil Rug Unravel 2014

We really loved the ‘Best in Show’ area of Unravel where people could enter their knitted projects to win different prizes. Our absolute favourite entry was a knitted dog pen complete with dogs of all different breeds – it was honestly amazing.

Mary Brown Unravel Best in Show Dogs

The lady who knitted it has been knitting for 70 years! Wow. She was also selling a few things (including dogs!) on a stall and R’s Mum picked up a pair of teeny tiny baby shoes which we love.

Mary Brown Unravel Knitted Baby Boots

The best thing about Unravel was that I left wanting to knit again. I was kind of losing my knitting motivation but now really want to get going again, watch this space!


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