July 7, 2013

Wedding Initial Stamp

I’m sure many of you have seen R’s post on her wedding party invites? I am SO SO excited for it! She is going to make it a lovely day I’m sure, and I’m excited to see all the things she makes for it. I thought I would make her a little something to add to all things wedding related so cut these little initial stamps. Not sure what she’ll use them on – maybe thank you cards? But I think they make quite a cute addition to any letter.

These stamps are reasonably quick to make, so have earned themselves a spot in our ‘Quickies’ category. Draw your design on to a piece of lino first and decide whether you want to print the positive or negative image… below you can see that I have done both in one design. Which do you think is better? I think I prefer the cleaner positive image!


After you’re happy with your drawing it’s time to start cutting the print. You need a little lino cutting set for this – an inexpensive tool you can get online or in most craft shops. Careful you don’t gauge out a chunk of thumb when using it, okay? If you’re worried about slipping and completely ruining your design (which I seem to do a lot) then try putting a tiny little cut at the end of the piece you’re cutting. This tends to stop the blade. Also, cut away from your design when possible.



When you’re cut and happy do a test print. Sometimes I have little bits sticking out so my image isn’t completely clear, but that’s really easy to fix. Roll on your block printing ink with a rubber roller and gently press down on the paper you are printing on. Apply even pressure then lift up carefully.



Hope you like this little step-by-step and find it useful. But most of all HOPE YOU LIKE IT R.


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