June 15, 2013

Wedding Party Invites

Hello and a happy weekend to you all! I hope your weeks were relatively stress-free and full of crafting; mine was particularly busy but things have settled down now and I can’t wait to get stuck into some projects. I have a little something to tell you all too; my boyfriend and I are getting married this summer! It’s only going to be a very small ceremony but we are going to have a party a couple of weeks afterwards. I’m hoping to be able to hand make most of the decorations and can’t wait to share some wedding/party related projects with you all!


To get me started with some ideas and inspiration Aaron bought me the Mollie Makes Handmade Wedding Special. This is quite expensive at £10 but it does have loads of good ideas in it including some tutorials and LOADS of pictures for inspiration. One section is all about invitations which was really helpful this week when making my party invites.


I wanted the invites to be personal as well as cheap so I hand-designed them on PhotoShop using a free font I downloaded here. I bought some handcrafted paper with flower petals in called ‘infusion’ from Paperchase which I folded in half and put the actual invite inside.


ImageThis paper has a lovely texture and fits in well with the hand crafted theme. I then used an idea from Mollie Makes which was to tie a button around the invite using parcel string or twine. I have jars full of buttons so this seemed like a cost-effective way to make the invites look extra special. They can be undone just like a parcel!



I love how they look and how easy they were to create! Each invite ended up costing about 50p so they saved me some money too.


Look out for yours in the post!


P.S. Please do share any wedding-related project ideas you have, I’d love to hear them!


Knit me a cake (@knitmeacake)

Congratulations! :) I spied the Mollie Makes wedding edition recently and thought about buying it and hiding it away – I think my boyfriend would’ve had the shock of his life otherwise.

My best friend got married last year and she was addicted to Rock my Wedding and Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride, as she really wanted it to be a personal affair. You might like them too. :)

Leanne at Knit me a cake


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