January 9, 2015

Weekend Reading

First up, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you all had a wonderful break and returning to work hasn’t been too much of a shock. I’ve wanted to start sharing some weekend reading with you on here for a while, I see so many things through the week that I want to tell people about. Plus, I am a huge fan of these roundup posts on other blogs, it’s such a great way to find interesting articles. So to start us off with some January news!

  • There is a Sunday Sweater KAL (Knitalong – took me a while…) happening over on instagram hosted by Jen, Jess and Amy, so the perfect excuse to complete a project. I’ll be using this opportunity to finish up a jumper I abandoned last year as well as a furry little yellow hat.
  • Sonja is also hosting a Rigel bomber sewalong through January. You know we are hugeeee fans of this pattern and really can’t recommend it more. Here’sΒ some inspiration to get you started – can you spot my Liberty print quilted bomber in there?!
  • Some of your probably followed Sarai’s Wardrobe Architect series over on the Colette blog,Β Coletterie, last year. Well it is back! Catch up with it here and if you did miss last years posts definitely go back and have a read. They’re perfect if you’re planning on thinking more about the clothes you make and creating a wardrobe you really want to wear. I’ve been thinking about this more and more and hopefully this will be the year that I really expand my homemade wardrobe, focusing on everyday items – less dresses, more skirts/tops. But more on that later.
  • This is a video about Ernest Wright & Sons, one of the few remaining hand manufacturers of scissors. Beautiful products and beautifully made!

Everyone has been sharing posts on their 2015 sewing/making plans and I LOVE reading these posts. We’ll be sharing something similar later this month, with some of our plans for the year and some upcoming makes. At the moment we are incredibly swamped in by a mountain of work and will hopefully drag ourselves out in a few weeks. We are working on some exciting projects though and can’t wait to share them!



Brenda Kirkus

I heard about you by watching Create And Craft, which I love, and went to your website and I love what you have to offer. Stays on your site for hours. Can’t wait to start crafting with ya’ll!


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