April 23, 2013

Working With Wire

I haven’t posted since we have been shortlisted for a Company Style Blog Award.. we are very excited about this!! It is great for our tiny little blog to be up against some really well established blogs and it means a lot to us. We are very proud of our blog!

Today I am sharing some jewellery that I have been working on with you. I am not that great at jewellery making and I only have the most basic equipment… some round headed jewellery pliers, wire and some odd beads. When making earrings you really only need the earring loop and then wire to attach your beads to. A pair of earring loops shouldn’t cost you more than 50p, so it is a very cheap project too, and excellent for gifts for friends. (R has a needle phobia and I don’t think she will EVER get anything pierced, so she is missing out here).

It takes a little practise manipulating the wire in different ways and I would really recommend investing in a pair of jewellery pliers. They only cost about Β£5-7 and make everything a lot easier. Then all you need is…..

– some wire – I use silver plated wire, which is also pretty cheap

– a little pot of beads

– some earring loops

I’m not gonna make this a full tutorial because the processes are pretty simple and I think the best way to make them is to just sit and mess around with the wire and beads for a while. It shouldn’t take long before you have a pair of pretty earrings. One little tip… the wire can become a bit brittle after being repeatedly bent and unbent, so be aware that it can suddenly snap if you overwork it.

Hope you like my designs!






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