Wash Bag Tutorial

Follow our tutorial to make the perfect wash bag. This tutorial can be made in any size, try it smaller or larger. The sizes we've indicated here are to make a fairly large bag but you could make a mini pouch for your handbag or something larger to go travelling with.


Liberty Ripstop - this print is Floral River, we also have Fantasy Forest and Betsy available.
Foam - you could also use a batting/wadding
30cm Zip, we've used one of our Monochrome Zips 


1. Cut out two 35cm x 27cm pieces of your ripstop, your lining and your foam padding. If you would like a more structured bag you can double up on the padding, cutting four pieces.

2. On both bottom corners on every piece, cut out two 5cm squares. These will help to create the boxed bottom to your pouch. Cut out an extra two 11cm x 4cm pieces of your ripstop. These will be the tabs to cover the end of your zip.

3. Fold in each side of your small fabric tabs to the centre and finger press. Fold in half again so that you have a little tab with no raw edges exposed. Place your fabric tabs around both ends of your zip, they should reach the edge of the zip ends. Straight stitch across both of your fabric tabs, trying to get as close as possible to the zip. A zipper foot will help!

4. Time to layer up! With the right sides facing up, lay your zip along the top edge of one of your pieces of lining. Put one of your front ripstop pieces on top, right sides together. Place the the foam piece on top. Make sure that all your layers line up along the top edge then pin. Stitch together right across the top edge using a 1cm seam allowance. Make sure you don’t hit the teeth of the zip as you go!

5. Fold back all layers of fabric away from the zip then repeat step 4 for the other side of the pouch, sandwiching your zip and stitching as before.

6. Open flat, with all layers of fabric pushed away from the zip so that you have the zip down the middle. Stitch a line of topstitching 3mm away from each side of the zipper teeth. This will stop your fabric getting caught as you use the zip.

7. Unzip your zipper half-way then open up the layers and fold both pieces of main fabric to one side, right sides together. Repeat for the lining so they’re both on the other side, right sides together. Pin together all the way around.

8. Stitch around the edges and bases using a 1.5cm seam allowance. Leave a gap of about 7cm at the bottom of the lining and don’t stitch around the cut out squares. 

9. Fold your cut out square corners so the raw edges line up together in a straight line. Pin together then stitch with a 1.5cm seam allowance.

10. Turn your pouch the right way round through the gap you left in your lining. Use a slip stitch to hand sew the gap closed or topstitch on the machine.

Your wash bag is finished! 

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