PFAFF Rolled Hem Foot 3mm


The PFAFF® 3mm rolled hem foot allows you to hem light to medium weight fabric neatly without having to iron the edge first. Works with the IDT system.

See our video of how to use it here.

How to use:
1. Attach the foot to your machine.
2. Engage the IDT system (the @pfaffuk built-in walking foot) if your machine has it.
3. Select a standard straight stitch.
4. Pull your thread through the groove in your foot and out towards the back of your machine.
5. Feed the edge of your fabric through the foot. It should curl around the little twist at the front of the foot.
TIP! If you find this difficult try ironing a couple of centimetres of your hem in place first.
6. Start stitching, ensuring your fabric is feeding through the foot correctly as you go.

Easy to use and fits a wide range of PFAFF machines. Please check your machine against the machine codes below to see if it will be compatible.

PFAFF Product Code: 820249096

Machine group compatibility: B C D E F G J K

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